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DB25 25-pin Female Adapter RS-232 Serial Port Interface Breakout Board Connector


Female DB25 connector with Screwlocks / Jack Screws
Screw terminal for all 25 pins, plus shield
The small footprint means that the end profile of the breakout board is no wider than the connector itself.
Equipment contains multiple connectors which are spaced closely together.
These adapter boards can be mounted directly to the equipment without using extension cables.
These adapter boards are used for experimentation or prototype work with RS-232 serial ports, I/O cards, and any other device that uses a DB25 connector.
Protective insulated pad on PCB base
Size: 78mm x 52mm x 13mm
Hole Dia: 3.5mm

Package included:

1 x DB25 25-pin Female RS-232 Breakout Board Connector

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